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Event & Venue: Summer Makers Market | Sat 1st June | Worsall


1 x 6 ft Stage Stall:


Ideal for traders with larger pieces to display on easels or stands. The space consists of a 6 ft table space directly in front of the stage. You will then have use of a further 6ft of space on the stage surface directly parrallel behind your table. The stage surface is a few inches higher than the table with portable stage steps which create a higher staggered display for your products - we recommend bringing an additional cloth to cover them with. Only 2 stage stalls are available per event.



  • 6ft table top space with additional stage space and steps
  • Indoors
  • No power supply



Please let us know if you need us to supply a table. Our table supply is very limited so if you can bring your own, please tick the box to say no table required. All traders will need to bring a presentable cloth/table covering which should reach the floor and fully conceal any boxes/stock beneath.



One chair per stall will be provided.


Public Liability Insurance:

All traders must have public liability insurance without exception. Please send a copy of your policy certificate via email to at least 2 weeks prior to the event you are attending. Please notify us via email if there is an issue. You will be ineligible to trade without insurance.

Stage Stall | Summer | Worsall

  • Please only book a space if you are fully commited to attending the event.

    Refunds and transfers cannot be offered for cancellations due to the level of work we put into promoting our stall holders through social media posts, website links and paid advertising in print and online.  

    In the very unlikley event that the organiser cancels the market, a full refund will  be provided to affected stall holders.

  • Please view our trader terms and conditions prior to booking your stall. By booking a stall you are agreeing to abide by and uphold our terms and you understand that failure to do so may result in the loss of your stall booking and fee. You can view our terms and conditions here.

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